A recent letter from an ipop performers parent.

We heard the advertisement on the radio and decided to make the call. We really didn’t know what to expect at a regional talent scouting call out, and we were shocked at the number of people who attended the auditions!

 It was overwhelming!  The entire process can be confusing and shocking and the initial outlay of expenses can be scary.  However, once we got beyond those hurdles, and we made the decision to participate in the showcase after being selected , we were very excited! The instructors were top notch.  My daughter’s experience was fun and exciting and gave her the opportunity to learn about her area of interest but also the opportunity to perform.  The regional showcase landed her a spot as new talent with a Regional Agency in Ohio and KY.
If you are a skeptic, I would highly encourage you to listen closely to what these directors have to say.  The talent selected to attend IPOP from our region was top notch. The Directors ability to scout talent after years in this industry is spot on.  Attending IPOP was the best decision we made. We felt very blessed with the amount of exposure we received from the industry people who attended, but even if we hadn’t been quite so fortunate, the cost of attending is well worth it.  As a parent, you are  paying to educate yourself about the industry and paying for your child to experience the industry.  It was crazy exciting but also downright fun!   I was amazed with the spirit of the event- all those beautiful and talented kids, each and every one with the same goal,  but yet supportive of each other and forging friendships that will last beyond that moment.
The IPOP Directors and Administrators were wonderful and run a stellar event. They were friendly, helpful, always available, and genuinely concerned about the children always  ”having fun and displaying your talent to your potential.”
My advice to any parent new to the JRP Showcase experience is this: As a parent you need to do your job- talk with your child, educate yourself, be willing to invest in the experience, know your responsibilities,  and when it’s time, let the directors and industry folks do their jobs instructing your kids so they can live their dream.