Bring out the best in YOU!

Evoke dreams, inspire, help students build confidence and improve ourselves as a sacred trust, that John Robert Powers (JRP) has become the most reliable partner of many young.

As an educational platform second behind family, JRP has created voices his confidence not only in the hearts of students, but with parents. Located in the training system and develop talented individuals from JRP system was founded in 1923 in New York (USA). Vietnam JRP curriculum with international standards but still very fit and cultural environment in Vietnam. The face radiant, confident demeanor, charismatic, bright dreams is the starting point in life that bring JRP wishes to all participants after each course.

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The beauty of every human being by definition not only exuding confidence from the appearance , but also hide deep in the soul as a strong-willed , a loving heart and the main concern is the lasting impression that you more prominent . Therefore JRP mission is to help individuals improve ourselves through image enhancement , communication skills , personal branding , talent awakened , personality development .
Go to the JRP , the students will be advised to select the most appropriate program for ourselves, for clear direction : " Who am I? What do I want ? And I need to do? " .
Moreover , the JRP also guide students and faculty learn from names such as : Education Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong , Dr Dinh Phuong Duy psychologist , Psychologist Ly Thi Mai , Professor Nguyen Theory Feng , Triumphal BTV , MC Thanh Bach , MC Quynh Hoa , Ngo Thai Uyen designers , Dr. Trish Summerfield ... At JRP we believe that everyone has talents , it is important to create opportunities and beliefs to wake up and accept off for that talent . Finding yourself a trusted environment for development is essential and JRP is confident to promise good outcomes for young people .
Summer boarding the JRP - Build confidence and responsibility after a summer
As usual, each summer on , JRP lively group welcomes new students from age 9-20 to the " summer residence " . Changes summer a new, more meaningful , with personality development programs 3 levels along the extracurricular practical activities . " Boarding Summer 2012" by JRP bring students to a new environment with lessons lifetime benefits and a trip abroad to enhance lives with family responsibilities & Society .


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